A Red Sea Ramble.

It may be officially winter in the Northern hemisphere, and the daffodils in Cornwall have shown their glorious yellow joy. Spring is just around the corner and there is beauty in the world if you look.

I’ve no idea what that is? Some kind of magnolia?


Anyhoo….a morning walk around the city to stretch the legs. The first striking difference is the lack of deciduous trees. No oak, birch, cherry, sycamore or ash. Just palms. Lots palms. Everywhere. Dry, spiky palms.

As I have already mentioned, the Jeddanais’ driving habits are appalling. I could have taken loads pictures just like this. These are ‘scars of battle’, a ‘testament to testosterone’.

“they got the same shit over there as they do here…its just the little differences….”

“I’ll come back drekly and finish this….”

Ah, the Corniche…and cats.

‘Violators’, take note. You will be punished, not just prosecuted or told off…but punished. Dangerous? You can see the extent of the tide here…must be all of a couple of feet horizontally, and about two inches vertically? Further down the Corniche it opens out to the Red Sea and the port of Jeddah. This is a target for the Iranian backed Al Houthi rebels to the South. They successfully launched a missile at Jeddah yesterday morning, and the blast could be heard from the hotel. I should say it did not land, it was shot out of the sky by Saudi air defence, quite common apparently. No one seemed overly concerned, although the airport was closed as a result for few hours.

This walk takes about an hour and brings me back to my base….

This is where I lay my hat.

Published by Lance Goodman

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One thought on “A Red Sea Ramble.

  1. The yellow/white flower looks like a frangipani. . The pink one a Bougainvillea . The red one Hibiscus .
    We have them all in our garden.


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