It was a beautiful Spring day

Photo by Darren Welsh on Unsplash It was a beautiful Spring day. The last of the golden daffodils danced along hedgerows in the warming air. Primroses burst in yellow and green clumps, forcing attention upon themselves like debutantes at a ball.  Little fluffy clouds in small groups of little puffs wandered across the blue. Chaffinches cleared their throats.Continue reading “It was a beautiful Spring day”

Upon the Just and the Unjust

There is something very comforting about the gentle splattering of rain on the window, especially if that window is double glazed and the room one is sat in, is warm. Beads of water, each with its miniature rainbow, creep down to the sill leaving in its wake a tiny streamlet which twists and turns. TheContinue reading “Upon the Just and the Unjust”

Fly me to the moon

…but not to Newcastle, Newquay or Norwich. Flybe collapsed on Thursday. The CEO blamed a snot encrusted cotton handkerchief for the airline’s demise. The offending cloth was found in the air conditioning unit of a Dash 8 Q400 and was responsible for spreading a virus throughout the cabin potentially infecting over 70 people. Mrs AgnesContinue reading “Fly me to the moon”