Gullible’s Travels

Once upon a time that were two small villages not too far from each other. Nestling among the Muddlingthrough hills, Much Sodding boasted a farrier, whereas Little Sodding was proud of its brewery. The road connecting the two was a winding, half cobbled, rutted, dung strewn affair. It’s tree lined hedges hid myriad dubious charactersContinue reading “Gullible’s Travels”

Mustique Musing

19th January 2020 Dear Dom. Mustique. Oh how my old housemaster would have loved it there, if only he could have curtailed his twice weekly felching trips to Soho. “Semper quivering, boy, semper quivering…never forget!”  He’d whisper in the snug in the ‘Nanny and Spanker’ in rain soaked Windsor.  After the election, a jolly oldContinue reading “Mustique Musing”

Most of my friends are failures…

Useless buggers, the lot of them. First of all they failed to be born to very rich parents. I don’t mean the sort of ‘rich’ people who can shop in Waitrose…I mean the sort of rich people who probably own Waitrose and most of Argyll and Bute. The sort that call their personal concierge doctorsContinue reading “Most of my friends are failures…”

Trains don’t stop…

Clouds of billowing white steam engulfed the stoically waiting passengers standing on the platform, as the black face of the engine emerged through the swirling mists and smoke. The loud hissing accompanied by short squeal of metal brake on metal wheel sliding the whole train to a gentle stop. The 1930’s was the golden ageContinue reading “Trains don’t stop…”